weVenture Hub

Presenting the remarkable branding work we did for We Venture, a Venture Capital-backed incubator based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The brand identity reflects the essence of fostering breakthrough African innovations and creating a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs. The concept for the logo design signifies a corporation that seeks to empower people via technology. At the heart of the brand lies the powerful slogan: “A place where breakthrough African innovations thrive.” The brand color is a captivating combination of yellow-green and Oxford blue, which evoke a sense of vibrancy, growth, and professionalism. Together, these colors form a dynamic palette that reflects the commitment to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Dinkae Ethiopian Cognac

Our goal was to design a unique, enduring, and well-associated logo for the product. Ethiopian cognac Dinkae aspires to showcase traditional areke in a more contemporary and appealing manner so that it can be found in upscale settings. In order to create a combination mark logo design, the traditional Amharic font and the icon of a bottle of liquor are combined while keeping in mind the purpose of the product and identifying the target market.

The Greenhouse

Green House’s brand identity is built upon a unique symbol a maze intricately designed with the letter “G” engraved into its pattern. This emblem embodies the essence of the Green House, representing the endless possibilities and adventures that await those who dare to venture within. Green, a vital part of the brand, evokes a sense of vitality, youthfulness, energy, and vibrancy.

Adey Areqe

Adey Areki, a distinguished cognac crafted with utmost care and excellence. Our brand identity is an homage to the exquisite Adey flower, a symbol of beauty and elegance. At the core of the Adey’s brand lies a remarkable logo featuring seven leaves, each representing a petal of the Adey flower. This iconic emblem embodies the essence of refinement and sophistication that our cognac exudes. The brand colors of black and yellow are carefully selected to reflect the vibrancy and allure of the Adey flower. Together, these colors create a striking contrast that represents the perfect harmony between boldness and grace.

Addis Basketball Academy

The brand we built for ABA (Addis Ababa Basketball Academy) captures the essence of basketball through a sleek, modern design that symbolizes the academy’s commitment to elevating skills and achieving new heights. The vibrant color palette, blending energetic shades of orange and black, evokes a sense of excitement and motivation that resonates with athletes of all ages. The tagline, ‘Elevate Your Game,’ encapsulates our mission to empower young athletes to reach their full potential on and off the court.

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