Corporate Events

Diplomatic Charity Bazar

As we reflect on the triumph of the diplomatic bazaar, we remain committed to raising the bar even higher for future events. With relentless dedication and an unwavering focus on excellence, we look forward to creating even more extraordinary, unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Holland Dairy Galla for Shamida

Action for Peace Initiative Forum

Kebebe Tsehay Project Launch

1st Spine Clinic Yearly Recap

Habesha Networks at Upscale

Sabae Coffee Launch

Habesha Netwoks at Tilla


Bilo's Pastry Ambiance
(Entoto Branch)

Our social media management for Bilos exceeded our expectations. Here’s a recap of the key highlights. We were able to increase engagement, expand reach, and create a positive brand perception. We are immensely proud of the success achieved through our social media campaign and look forward to continuing this momentum in future endeavors.

The Barbershop Promotional Video

La Nouvelle Restaurant Ambiance

Bellevue Hotel Spa Services

La Nouvelle Cocktails
(Jossy Mixed it)

LaLa Dairy Factor Review


Geez Watch Promotional Video

Overall, our successful advertisement project not only showcased the brand in a visually captivating manner but also generated tangible results. We are thrilled to have played a part in the brand’s success and look forward to future collaborations to further enhance our visual storytelling and brand communication.

Sabae Coffee Promotional Video

Rungo's Antica Wine

Curl Love

The Cookie Jar

Pupa's Essentials

Sabae Coffee Promotional Video


Interview with Women, Children and Social Affairs Bureau.

We believe that event documentation goes beyond merely taking photographs or recording videos. It is an art form that requires a deep understanding of the occasion, its nuances, and the emotions it evokes. Our project with the Women, Children, and Social Affairs Bureau for African Children’s Day was an inspirational and educational one.

Behind the lyrics with Gidey

Behind the Lyrics with CallMeDaggy

Weshaye Poem By Tensae

Shamida Team Round table discussion

Shamida Overview


Danny's 28th Birthday Bash

At Ultra Communications, we specialize in event documentation, capturing the essence and significance of each occasion while preserving precious memories for a lifetime. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering We have developed a variety of images and video advertisements that are distinctive and appealing to consumers, resulting in a large user base for their social media platforms.

The Penthouse

Qumsa Brunch Recap

Ultra Events 1 year Anniversary recap

Ultra Event's Trivia Nights at Greenhouse

Danny's 29th Birthday Bash

DJ Perdu's Bermel Recap

The Greenhouse Recap

DJ Slim's Bermel Recap

The Trap Vol.4

Nostalgia Promotional Video's

Club Illusion 20 year Anniversary

Nebyou's Birthday Recap


Blane's Birthday Recap

Our journey began long before the event itself. We collaborate closely with our clients, understanding their vision, objectives, and unique requirements. Through comprehensive consultations and meticulous planning, we developed a customized approach that aligned with her vision, ensuring that we captured the essence of the event and told the story through our documentation.

Shamida Kids Playing

The Village Jazz Band
ft. Girma Beyene

ABA Trainings Recap

Coach Danny's Promotional Video

The Village Jazz Band
ft. Yohana Sahle

Sabae Coffee Baristas Training

Beyond Leap

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